About US

The European Metaverse Research Network (EMRN) is conducting interdisciplinary research into the concept and practise of the metaverse to explore the implications of this transformative technology.

  • Prof. Sylvia (Xueni) Pan, Goldsmiths University of London. Working in VR for almost 20 years she has developed a unique interdisciplinary research profile with journal and conference publications in both VR technology and social neuroscience. Her work in training and education in VR has been featured multiple times in the media, including BBC Horizon and the New Scientist magazine. More info can be found on Xueni Pan’s website
  • Jani Vallirinne, VTT, Technology Research Centre of Finland, working on Metaverse enabling technologies, and activities investigating how an Industrial Metaverse will transform the way people work across various industry sectors. A major transformation of work will happen when teleoperation becomes largely available and frees also blue-collar workers from the physical place. We believe that this drives the adoption of the needed technology also in the consumer realm and entertainment, much as happened with mobile phones. The Spatial Computing team works on technologies tightly connected with the development of the Metaverse, researching core technologies bridging the physical and virtual worlds. The research focuses on refining sensor data from the operational environment into a digital information and the display of that information with Extended Reality.